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La Canastilla Del Este / Website

A simple and minimalistic website for kids furniture shop. Due to hosting costs, the site is currently hosted on free WordPress platform, and though being done long ago, and in spite of its simple and plain look, the site is still up and working for the client, who has not asked an update.

Official Logo (early 80s)
La Canastilla Del Este
Canastilla website (screenshot)
80s Advert for Newsprint
Old (early 80s) Advert for printed newspapers

(*) Low resolution videos, images and photos are due to the limited standard capabilities available in PCs, cameras and scanning devices for the time of production, or might be either the result of digital material being resized or re-sampled several times through the years.

By Enzo GD .art

Enzo Gianvittorio Danese - Graphic Design & Art.