Marketing / Advertising

Visual Communication (Thesis)

1998 – In order to achieve the degree in Mass Communication at UCAB (Universidad Católica Andres Bello / Andres Bello Catholic University), I decided to do research around the theoretical principles involved in the visual perception of certain kind of stimulus and the cognitive variables related to the whole process when having to give a meaning to a particular image or a graphic advertisement piece.

The title of the thesis was: “The Visual Communication, a perceptive process of cognitive dimensions”. (*) You can get a PDF copy of it by clicking on link below:

(*) The writing of these researches and assignments were done in Spanish language.

(*) Low resolution videos, images and photos are due to the limited standard capabilities available in PCs, cameras and scanning devices at the time of production, or might be either the result of digital material being resized or re-sampled several times through the years.