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CENAMEC / Educational Software (90s)

During the late 80s and early 90s, Venezuela was leading an interesting project to create educational software with entertainment elements for kids at schools. The organization in charge of such a project was called CENAMEC (Centro Nacional para el Mejoramiento de Ensenaza de la Ciencia / Center for the improvement of science teaching).

The software production department was integrated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from different background and areas of expertise, among them were Programmers, Engineers, Instructional Designers, Teachers, Graphic Designers, Musicians, etc. I personally was in charge of a group of five graphic designers who were taking part on each one of the different productions done. Among the tiles produced were: MEMORIA, DOCTORSE, ACERTANDONOS AL PETROLEO, RULETA, EL AHORCADO, OSTEON, etc.. (see external reference)

The above video displays few screenshots from a Spanish language tutor called DOCTORSE, all graphics were produced (painted) by Enzo Gianvittorio using a basic software called GRASP running on MS-DOS.

Logo intro for the whole project was made using early versions of Macromedia Director as well as discontinued software like Macromedia Extreme 3D, etc…

This is a classical animation assembled using hand made drawings, scanned and digitally colored one by one, then sequenced using early versions of multimedia software called Macromedia Director.

(*) Low resolution videos, images and photos are due to the limited standard capabilities available in PCs, cameras and scanning devices at the time of production, or might be either the result of digital material being resized or re-sampled several times through the years.